Benefits of toroidal audio transformers

What is a short section?


Benefits of toroidal audio transformers

Toroidal transformers have a number of significant advantages over conventional transformers, such as:

- They are the biggest among efficiency transformers.
- Sense of toroidal transformer magnetic field coincides with the direction of a steel strip rolling.
- Ring shape of toroidal core is considered ideal.
- Low susceptibility to external magnetic fields.
- Low values of ​leakage fields.
- The core of toroidal transformer is manufactured by winding a long steel strip, just as a film on the tape reel. The toroidal core is free of rips, joints and air-gaps.

Due to all these benefits, the sound quality of toroidal transformers is far superior.

Conventional transformer cores are assembled from a large number of plates, so that they cannot be perfectly joined. The core of a conventional transformer is cut by fractures, joints and air gaps, which are obstacles on the path of the magnetic flux, and which significantly degrade the sound quality.

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What is a short section?

The purport of a short section is to reduce the distance that the sound passes.
The principle of minimalism in the circuit is to throw out all superfluous parts, leaving only what is necessary. It may seem that there is nothing difficult to reduce the number of parts. Conversely, when there are a lot of details, that seems difficult. But this opinion is wrong.
The fact is that there are no spare parts in the circuit, every detail has a specific function, otherwise it wouldn’t be there.

But every detail of the circuit, in addition to performing useful work, brings its own distortion into the signal.
Therefore, by removing one detail from the circuit we remove the distortions which it created, by removing the following detail - we remove its distortion as well and so on.

But all these details were here for a reason and each performed a specific job. Now some of them are absent, but there’s work left for them to do.
Try to remove something that one cannot do without, and now make the circuit work.
Such technical problems must be solved by creating a circuit on the principle of a short section. It's a real work!

Imagine that you are looking at the street through an open window. The picture is of a perfect quality. Now you close the window, and there is only one pane in your window-frame.
One glass makes almost no distortion, so the image remains unchanged.

Now imagine that there are 20 panes in your window-frame. Each of them individually does not make any significant changes, but all together they distort the image drastically.

When the image passes through the first pane, it receives little distortion.
When it passes through the second one, the image is a little distorted by the first glass, and obtains the distortion of the second glass and so on. Finally, the image passes through the last pane, being distorted by all the previous panes.
You will see something through such window, but it won’t be that perfect picture.
The more panes the image must pass, the worse the quality is.

An open window with no glass is like a live sound without microphones and amplifiers.
A window with one pane is a circuit operating on the principle of a short section.
A window with 20 panes is a conventional circuit.
Our amplifiers are looking at the sound through only one glass.

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Tor Audio is a small team of engineers who are fond of music and electronics. At our work, we use a creative approach to solve technical problems and create unique handmade devices, which are fundamentally different from the rest of the audio equipment.

The circuit has been created by us independently, we did not use any ready-made technical solutions, but found our own. As a result, we received an original circuit, which does not have any analogues. We have spent more than two years for experiments with the circuit and transformers, but the results justify the time spent.

To get a natural, lifelike sound we had to abandon conventional audio transformers. It can’t be said that they sound bad, they sound mediocre, which does not suit us. We decided to use such exotic things as toroidal audio transformers. This is the most complicated part, toroidal transformers take approximately 80% of the time required for the manufacturing of the device, but they sound great.

No detail is left without our attention, every tube, resistor and capacitor is selected and checked. Each item has a double margin of power and voltage, whereby the circuit has a high reliability and durability. Each unit is assembled by hand: the production of body parts, transformer winding, assembly and adjustment of the circuit.

Appearance. The main design objective was to create a body, which would blend harmoniously with the rounded shape of lamps, plenty of details from wood, smooth lines and soft contours of the classic vintage amplifier.

Future projects. We are now working on the production of automotive tube amplifiers and preamplifiers. Car audio equipment market moves in the direction of increasing capacity and nobody cares about the sound quality though. But what should people who want high quality sound do? We are working for such people, and soon the high-quality sound will be available not only at home but also in car.



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